• Economic reports
    The “Weekly Economic Analysis” includes our assessment of short term political and economic scenarios.
    The “Argentina Economic Summary” is a monthly report that summarizes the most important economic developments of the month and delineates the perspectives for the following months.
  • Macroeconomic Forecasts
    The starting point of our forecasts is the assessment of the global and political scenarios that the country will probably face. Based on these assumptions, our large scale econometric model generates the projections. Three times per year we estimate five-year projections of the most important economic indicators, and every month we generate two-year monthly forecasts for a subset of critical indicators.
  • Database of economic indicators
    We provide our clients with full access to our unique database, which includes economic indicators time series starting in 1810.
  • Risk Scorecard
    We design a customized control panel based on the economic and financial indicators that are specially relevant to each client, the definition of critical values for each of them, and a permanent follow up of their evolution.
  • Work Sessions and presentations
    Meetings with the staff of the client to analyze economic and financial issues that affect its business.
    Alternatively, they can include presentations on the political and economic situation of Argentina and Latin America, focused on the topics that are most relevant to the client.
  • 24/7 service
    We provide fast and accurate responses to our client’s requests, including conference calls whenever it is necessary.
  • On-line Analysis
    We perform an on-line analysis of the economic indicators released across the continent that allows the client to have instant information regarding the macroeconomic situation in Latin America.
  • Latin America Daily News
    Daily report that summarizes the most relevant economic news of Latin American countries.
  • Economic reports
    Our “Economic Summary” is a weekly/monthly report for each of the Latin American economies that summarizes the most important economic developments within each of these economies and delineates the perspectives for the following months.
  • Database of economic indicators
    We provide our clients with full access to our database, which includes a comprehensive set of economic indicators for Latin American countries.
  • Macroeconomic Forecasts
    Five year projections for the main economic indicators of Latin American countries.
  • Projection models for companies’ sales and revenues
    Econometric estimation of a model based on the historical correlation of the client’s sales with different economic indicators. The model, along with with the macroeconomic projections, is then used to forecast sales.
  • Portfolios of Financial investment
    Considering the amount that the client is willing to invest, the risk he is willing to assume, the duration of the investment and the perspectives for the global and domestic economic scenarios, we define the share of the different kinds of assets to be included in the portfolio (stocks, government bonds, bank deposits, trusts, etc.)
  • Dumping investigations
    We have a strategic alliance with the law firm Petersen & Cotter Moine to develop dumping investigations. They include a detailed analysis of the corresponding industry together with simulations of the margin of dumping under different scenarios.
  • Ad-hoc investigations and developments
    Specific investigations that are carried out after a client’s special request. They include, for example, the detailed analysis of specific industries, simulations of political and economic scenarios, studies on the impact of different economic policies, among others.
  • Course of macroeconomics for non economists
    The course is specially designed for non-economist professionals for whom economics is critical at their jobs. It is given by experienced teachers and professionals, and includes the provision of abundant study material. The course can be given at the client’s office or ours.