• Corporate Finance
  • Business Strategy
  • List of Assignments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and financial restructurings
    We assist our clients in the assessment of their strategic options and the resulting sales or acquisition processes. These transactions may be triggered by generational changes, the need of economies of scale, the development of new markets or corporate restructurings. C&T also assists its clients in financial restructuring processes. We undertake these processes with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Viability analysis and independent valuations
    When a company requires cash infusions to finance its current operations, C&T recommends a Viability analysis of the business before making any strategic decision.
    Also, the owner of a company usually has a personal estimate of its economic value. In C&T´s experience, the way the market may value a certain company is affected by a significant amount of variables. Thus, an independent and professional valuation provides insightful information when making strategic decisions.
  • Management reporting and financial planning
    The lack of key management information creates confusion with regarding the real situation of a company. This, in turn, complicates the decision-making process and may cause financial losses. At C&T we work closely with our clients to improve and standardize their management information. We also recommend our clients to develop a financial planning system, which allows an orderly forecast of expenditures and inflows, anticipating potential problems.
  • Financing Alternatives
    C&T has good access to financial institutions and private investors as well. We assist our clients in negotiating financing for their working capital or capital expenditure needs. We also evaluate alternative structured financing when necessary.
  • Development of Business Plans and Project evaluation
    To correctly assess the potential of a new business, it is useful to develop an objective and independent Business Plan. C&T has the experience to prepare Business Plans according to the standards of potential investors.
  • Strategic planning
    We recommend our clients to clearly define their strategic objectives and which tasks they should concentrate on. This would help management to focus their efforts, while dealing with the daily operations of the company. We also assist our clients in the translation of these objectives into an Annual Operating Plan.
  • Organisational improvements
    In many cases, the entrepreneur is aware that the company is not organised properly, but is unclear as to how to generate change. At C&T, we assist our clients in the design and implementation of organizational change. In particular, we understand it is key to assign responsibilities correctly and to facilitate and streamline the flow of information within the organization.
  • Review and development of corporate strategy
    When an entrepreneur participates in several sectors, or when is evaluating the expansion or disposal of certain business, it may be useful to conduct a strategic review of its portfolio of activities. At C&T, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the growth potential of each segment, as well as the possible synergies.
  • Business Unit strategy
    At C&T, we conduct detailed strategic analyses on business units with profitability issues. We concentrate on the key variables that may affect the business, as well as the trends of the industry in which operates. As a result of this analysis, C&T prepares an Improvement Plan and assists on implementation.
  • Market and environment analyses
    In a highly uncertain environment, it is important to count with professional support to forecast the activities of the company. We have extensive experience in analysing a variety of industries, as well as the impact of the macroeconomic environment on the business.
  • List of Assignments
    (Confidential)Business plan and valuation of corporate start-up
    InelcoIndependent valuation of the group's companies
    (Confidential)Valuation of domestic holding's companies
    Cardinal AssistanceValuation update
    Cardinal AssistanceIndependent valuation
    Kip MachinesFinancial advisory
    EclerisBusiness plan, Feasability analysis
    SanCorFinancial advisory
    RB IndustrialValuation, Advisory in acquisition, Financial advisory
    FigaronlineAdvisory in fund raising
    SnatAdvisory in fund raising
    INCAAdvisory in fund raising
    AgrinsaIndependent Valuation
    Grupo El TerritorioIndependent Valuation
    Cepas ArgentinasInvestment project evaluation
    GarfinagroConsulting assignment
    BocattiIndependent Valuation
    CredimasSale and financing

    Note: projects in which the C&T Asesores Económicos team has acted.